Outsourcing Property Management

Outsourcing Property Management with Springbok Properties

Most people think they can manage their property on their own and don’t need the help of a property manager. However, there are numerous benefits to having one work for you. You have to consider the value of your time. What is your hourly rate for your job and how much do you spend managing your property? If you consider the time you are spending in effect of the time you are going to work it is clear you need a property manager.
Your home has to be managed professionally. With the new legislation that came into force in October 2015, you have to keep a record of all maintenance issues that your tenant has in the property. If the council have to get involved it can be costly, and you need to serve a section 21 at the end of a tenancy. At Springbok we have a telephone recording system, ensuring that they are all recorded too.
We also have a 24 hour emergency contact number for issues like lost keys that need to be addressed any time. We also have a landlord portable so you can keep on top of maintenance and rental payments. Our property managers have limited portfolios and so will be dedicated and knowledgeable of your property and it’s needs. If you need to chase the rent, we can help you do this effectively.

Find out more about us and read Springbok Properties reviews on our website and claim your free property health check. Follow Springbok Properties on Twitter for the latest industry updates and Like us on Facebook where you can find the latest Springbok Properties on the market. For more information about us, speak to one of our trained consultants who have years of experience helping both tenants and landlords with their property issues.


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