Guide to Selling Your Home

Springbok Properties

Welcome to Springbok Properties, the fast sell property experts. Here is our guide on how to sell your home fast. People invest more than money into their homes, it’s where they grow up and establish personal connections. When it comes to sell it can be a daunting prospect, especially if you haven’t moved home in a long time. The emotional attachment you feel can get in the way of the goal you are trying to achieve – selling your home.


An estate agent will assess your home from a professional perspective. But every property is unique and it’s the details that makes the difference. Your personal experience of your home can highlight the best features of your property and help your estate agent sell it. Be realistic about your asking price and don’t automatically chose the agent that gives the highest valuation. A property has to be pitched at the correct value to generate the maximum amount of interest. See what evidence they have to justify their property valuation. What are the local houses selling for?


Pre-plan your sale and instruct your solicitor before going to market. This will prevent any unnecessary delays once a buyers been found. Make sure you have all your deeds and planning permissions in order. Understand your motivation to sell so you can have a timeline which you discuss with your estate agent. Be clear about you goals. Find out more on the Springbok Properties website. Follow Springbok Properties on Twitter for their latest updates or connect with Springbok Properties on Linkedin here. You can also watch this video here:





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